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Quercus Computer Systems originally specialised in the design and supply
of industrial process control and measurement systems,
however due to retirement
 new control systems are no longer being undertaken.

Some of the projects completed over many years
 are shown here for historical interest.


The development and maintenance of websites
for several local organisations is still being undertaken.

A wide range of control systems were developed, ranging from simple signal monitoring to complex control of multi-axis machine tools. Microcomputer systems were also designed to embed into products.

Whether it was the replacement of an out of date controller in an existing machine, or the design of a completely new system, we provided a cost-effective solution. Working with both PLC and dedicated process control computers, executing a high level, multitasking control language; whichever was most appropriate for the application.

The process control computer is particularly powerful in systems where complex machine parameters needed to be configured. Operators could easily learn to set up such a system by the use of a hierarchical menu system, with context sensitive "help" messages.

Quercus Computer Systems worked with production managers and staff to derive a cost-effective solution to meet the particular requirements of the processes; working from an outline idea or to a detailed specification.

Quercus Computer Systems had a long established working relationship with a company specialising in motor and drives applications and with a precision engineering design workshop. And were therefore able to offer the combined benefits of a small company taking a personal interest in an application, together with the ability to call on a wide range of expertise to achieve the optimal design to suit the needs of the customer.

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